the most distinguished jazz gentleman

the most distinguished jazz gentleman
Chaîne George Collier
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Performed by: Kara Mehrmann @kara_baldus
Transcribed by: My Sheet Music Transcriptions (

Q: how are you related to jacob collier? / A: i'm not, we just have the same last name
Q: how do you transcribe? / A: i use musescore for notation and 'Transcribe!' for beat marking, slowing down etc
Q: do you have perfect pitch? / A: no
Q: where can i suggest videos? / A:
Q: what music do you listen to? A:
Q: why are some videos not transcribed by you? / A: sometimes other people submit transcriptions, most are commissioned from others who can do a better job than i can. i want to make sure you see the best transcriptions possible!


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