TubeRank is a platform where you can rate, review and discover YouTube videos.

Think IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes, but specifically targeted at YouTube videos.

This website has been made with the following tools:

This website is hosted in France using fly.io.


TubeRank cannot maintain an up-to-date index of all the videos on YouTube due to their sheer volume.

Therefore, videos have to be added to the index using one of two methods:

When a video is imported, TubeRank captures a snapshot of it to obtain the most recent information about it.


Tags can be attached to each video, and their relevance will be determined by votes given by users.


Users have the ability to create lists containing videos, with the option to add a description for each item on the list.

It's also possible to reorder the list.


When a snapshot is created for a Video, a similar snapshot for its Channel is also created.

It's possible to updating the snapshot for a Channel from the Channel page. It will also create a new snapshot for all the videos associated to the channel.


It's possible to create Charts of videos.

The available filters are:

  • Best rated
  • Most rated
  • Most viewed (according to the latest snapshot for each video)
  • Least viewed (according to the latest snapshot for each video)
  • Newest (most recently published)
  • Oldest (less recently published)

Viewing history

You can access your viewing history by visiting your profile page.

There are two ways to track your viewing history with TubeRank:

  • Manual tracking: For each video that you watch, you can manually import it (if not already done) and then click on the "I'm watching this video" button from the video page.
  • Automatic tracking: You will have to install this userscript. After installing it with a userscript manager (like ViolentMonkey) and filled in your login information (username/password, see source code), the videos you watch through YouTube will be automatically sent to TubeRank.