All you need to know about Calathea

All you need to know about Calathea
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When filmning this video we missed talking about the potential threat of trace minerals in the tap water. The minerals are often fluoride, chlorine and sodium used to clean the tap water.
These minerals can build up inside the plant and especially the tips of the leaves causing them to get yellow and brown (meaning that it kills the cells). To avoid this problem use distilled water, rainwater or filtered water.
Another way can be to leave tap water out in a container for 24-48 hours before using it to water you’re plants. This will make most of the chemicals disappear.

Another cause for the yellow and brown tips can be salt buildup from to much fertiliser.

As many of you has mentioned we got the wrong name for one of the varieties. It should be Calathea majestica “Whitestar” and not Calathea ornata “Pinstripe”. Thanks!


Purchase 01:32
Planting 10:34
Placement 15:04
Care of the plant 21:22

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