Your First Sourdough Bread (FULL COURSE in 30 minutes)

Your First Sourdough Bread (FULL COURSE in 30 minutes)
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This is how you make your first and perfect sourdough bread from scratch. You will learn about all the tiny but important details enabling you to make beautiful naturally fermented bread. This is not just a recipe, this is a full guide looking at the why behind each step.

You will need to have a sourdough starter. If you don't have one yet, this is how you can make one:

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0:00 Intro
1:27 Tools
2:23 The full sourdough process
2:58 Recipe
3:45 Flour categories
4:38 Wheat flour types
5:04 How much water for your flour?
6:09 How much sourdough starter?
7:13 Stiff sourdough starter
9:13 Kneading
11:34 Mastering fermentation
14:23 Make a round smooth dough
15:34 Stretch and fold
16:27 Shaping
19:13 Proofing
19:55 Baking techniques
21:03 Home oven baking tips
24:11 Scoring
26:57 Results
29:13 Common crumb issues
30:43 Thank you

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